Blog Migrated

I migrated this blog from Heroku to DigitalOcean today. I was originally working around some quirks with Heroku, which would result in any Ghost-uploaded content from disappearing everytime the dyno shut down. In order to use Heroku with my registrar, I had to set up domain forwarding, but GoDaddy was also adding in some four-or-six hexadecimal identifier (which is apparently an issue that they've had for ten years and still haven't resolved!). The domain forwarding was getting in the way of the SSL certificate, and I've been meaning to switch over to DigitalOcean for a while (don't need to use domain forwarding with DigitalOcean).

As part of the migration, I manually copied over the blog posts, and while I was at it, I figured I'd publish most of the hitherto un-published blog posts (at least the ones that didn't look unfinished). The only substantive blog post that hasn't yet been published is a mammoth of a post that applied the SOLID principles to Solidity. In retrospect, I should've split that one up into five parts, since that was the post that was a bit too daunting to get out of the door all-at-once, and this blog basically stagnated as a result.

I think I'll revisit the "SOLIDity" topic soon. I have to update the code examples now because the language has changed quite a bit since I originally started the article.

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